Can the data on the app be outdated?

  • 28 June 2022
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My friends and I wanted to reserve the seats, however we have noticed that the time of the train departure on the app is different than this on the Internet (the Intercity one). What should we do in this situation?


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 The rail planner is normally not up to date, as it only is updated once a month, so to be sure of the time table you better check the timetable and availability on the websites of the national railways. The bigger national railways, like DB (Germany) SBB (Switzerland) and ÖBB (Austria) cover several countries. 


The advice from the experienced travellers in the community is also to use other ways to make reservations than the Interrail/Eurail website. You can look at the guide in the link:

If you, after having looked at the guide, have questions about how to make specific reservation, please give your travel details (departure date, time and route) preferably in a new post, and you will get advice. 

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Yes the app can be and frequently is out of date, always go by the train company website (or that of a reliable other source such as