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  • 31 May 2022
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Hey everybody,

since one can only use their global pass to leave and enter their homecountry ONCE, I was wondering if the following scenario is possible: 

Can I travel from Zürich (Switzerland) to Salzburg (Austria) using trains traversing Germany (my homecountry)?

And if that was the case, could I furthermore exit the train in Munich, recording in my Interrail pass like I went to Salzburg all the way. And continue my journey several days after from Salzburg? (I would defininetly not be doing that if it was possible 😉 ) 


Thank you for your answers and have a great day :)



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It is not possible without using you inbound/outbound trip to travel in your home country. In this case, you only write Zürich-Munich. Salzburg is with train rules the last station for DB - Germany. This would mean you are not leaving Germany, but for the railplanner app it would because it doesn’t know all rules, like if you are transit throw Germany you will use 2 days, the app only writes 1. 

If you take the train via Innsbruck instead, you are good to go without using a outbound/inbound day, because this trains run via Germany (without stops) but they are “Austrian” all the way.