How to go from Paris to Dublin?

  • 1 January 2022
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Hello everyone, I'm planning to go on visit Europe by train, I'd like to go from Paris to Dublin taking a ferry. The ferry from Cherbourg (France) should dock in Rosslare's port (Irland), but then I can't find a train to Dublin from there in the rail planner app. I've never done this kind of trip and I'd really like to visit Ireland, but I can't figure out how to do it, please

can somebody be so kind to help?


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Wow this is amazing thank you very much, I have a question, will I be able to book the train online using my interrail ticket or will I have to do it in a different way? Thank you again for the quick response I'm new to this!

Do I have to put my pass number over there, thank you again as you can see  I'm very anxious person 

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It seems to me that you can book seats without charge on the line at Irish Rail, but you have to collect them from the station’s ticket machine. Th

There are more experienced persons than me here. They certainly know better.

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I think you have to choose "Free travel pass or valid ticket holders" when planning a trip.

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You do NOT as for now need to make a REServation for any train in the republic of IE. You can-on some prime IC trains (mostly Dublin-Cork). Just as is the case in hundreds of other regional trains, some making even quite long trips anywhere in EUR. But sometimes more stringent access rules apply due to covid-this can change by the day. But anyway: this train starts at this port so will be empty then and people who nowadays still go by boat-train are minimal in number.

Note aside and why it is: unless you are determined to shun planes,a smartly booked airplane will be much cheaper as this ferry. RYANair is a true blooded Irish airline and also has some quite bizarre booking rules, so inform yourself thoroughly.

Thank you very much for this informations! I looked up the prices of the ferries and 1 return ticket whud be around 100€ , do you think I can find a better deal with ryan air (considering that any baggage must be paid separately, and I will be able to carry my huge backpack as an handbag because It weights well over 10 kg ) ? You have been very kind, thank you again!