Paper ticket won't arrive in time, can we pick up in station?

  • 17 August 2021
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We’re trying to travel from newcastle  uk to figures vilafante spain, and need to make seat reservations. We have successfully done so for eurostar, but the french connection requires sending paper tickets and there is insufficient time. We can’t have our tickets sent to a hotel in France as we’re doing the trip in one day and not staying at a hotel.

Does anyone know how we can make a seat reservation and pick up from a ticket machine or station?

I know we could risk it and try and make a seat reservation when we arrive at the station in France, but I want to book it in advance, and pick up the paper ticket for the reservation when we arrive.

Also, we’ve tried calling SNCF and they weren’t helpful or clear about how to proceed.


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SNCF try to Block Railpassholders as you only can reserve actual via Interrail or a train station :/ there were few travel agencys in the Uk that could do it but since 2019 SNCF Block domestic trains often for reservations from abroad :/

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Hi, we are looking into the SNCF options at the moment as it is not possible to make reservation with them via phone and their website anymore, unfortunately. In the meantime, you will have to book your seat reservation at the station as seewulf explained. 

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@Nanja is there any news from the SNCF? Getting reservations in, from or to France is a real pain currently. Maybe they have a roadmap you can share?

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Hi rvdborgt, the contact with SNCF on this topic is still ongoing. Some development is required before a reservation option(s) can be made available again. Whether this will happen and with which timeline is still unknown.