Pass Cover Number needed when making reservation- Mobile Pass

  • 16 June 2021
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i'm getting desperate :triumph:

i've been searching support pages for two hours for any information.

in order to make a reservation, i have to register as a traveler. but this is only possible if i have a Pass cover number.

i have an online Pass and there is supposedly no such number.

can someone simply explain to me how i can add myself as a traveler for an online Pass without this number?

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7 replies

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After receiving your mobile pass, you have to contact Interrail office/support and ask for pass cover number. They will send you a valid one.

Thanks for your support and info. I will check this on friday with our railroad

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Thanks for your support and info. I will check this on friday with our railroad

As far I know SBB does not sell mobile passes by themself, so you buyed it directly over

So, they won’t be able to issue you a pass cover number.

But probably you can book the reservation directly at the ticket counter without the need of a cover number.


Thanks runner.on.rails.

I‘ll only make the reservation at SBB

How do I contact ‘Interrail office/support’?

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How do I contact ‘Interrail office/support’?

Offical via Facebook or Twitter :)

Another option is to get in contact with @Nanja  as Community manager she have the connection to the Support department.

You can also try or if you don.t have twitter or facebook