Reservation from Bologna Centrale and Firenze S.M.N

  • 16 September 2021
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Good afternoon,


In november, I am planning a trip from Copenhagen to Firenze for a week. My current trip plan is as follows:

  • ICE to Hamburg HBF
  • NightJet to Innsbruck
  • ICE to Bologna
  • Train(s) from Bologna to Firenze SMN

However, I have stumbled upon something weird with the timetable from Bologna to Firenze. At dates before the 3. of november, there is a frequent direct line multiple times an hour. At dates after the third of november, it is instead replaced by a slower line with 1 change between the stations.


Does anyone else have a similar experience to this or guidance on how to proceed?


2 replies

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Trenitalia start currently few trains just 30days in advance for reservations :/ my advise wait few days to reserve :)

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First of all, there isn't a ICE from Innsbruck to Bologna. It's a slow Eurocity. In my opinion it is better to take a regular train to Bolzano/Bozen, and take than a direct Frecciarossa Highspeed-Train to Firenze (At the moment there are 5 direct directions, dipends when do you start your trip)