Reservation not required - is it best to anyway?


Just wondering if there are any experienced rail travellers on here who could advise please?

We have reserved our eurostar connections, but most of the others we are doing say “You can buy a seat reservation if you like but it's not required”.  Are we likely to be able to get on the trains? Do they get really full?  

Thank you!



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That really depends on the route, date and time of day.

I’m trying to book a train out of Prague - Munich on 18 July, and it’s showing as not available to book yet on the DeutscheBahn website, as well as the Czech one, and the interail site.   

Thanks for the reply!

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The trains Prague - Munich can be booked but only 30 days in advance. DB is 4€, CD and ÖBB 3€.

Brilliant, thank you very much.