seat reservation is needed?

  • 28 August 2023
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Hii, i have a a few questions about reservations for seats.

I have to take the following Trains: Munich to berlin, berlin to Prague, prague to Zurich, is it necessary to book a seat? Please answer asap, I am in need to know the answer.

Thank in Advance


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Not required. Only recommended and since they are cheap (3€ through ÖBB) I'd make them for peace of mind.

Prague - Zurich by night train has mandatory reservations in the couchette and sleeper carriages and I'd really recommend one for the seating carriage too. You may have to stand or sit on the floor if you don't have one (really popular route)...

What would be your travel date for that night train ? If possible I'd advise booking a couchette or a sleeper, otherwise you won't sleep and be fully exhausted the following day (false economy).

Have a look at these 2 links for seat reservations (cheaper than through :