Seat reservation needed? and what happens if I don't book or no seats left?

  • 23 June 2022
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Hi everybody,

i'll take these trains, do you advise me to book seat reservation or not? and what will happen if I don't book and there will be no more seats?

​​the trains are:

Budapest-wien 12:40-15:21 6th August

Prague-schwandorf 7:38-11:04 12th August



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Only optional-from Bp maybe advisable-you can also whilst in HU simply buy a domestic seat till Györ or other stop for 300HUF=<1€ from machine-you have your seat all the way.

Note that these ALex trains Prahy-München often get long lasting border checks (mostly for refugees) and may miss their joining/connection via Regensburg-M-plus train will be stormed by the 9€ cheap ticket travellers in DE.

If you cannot find seat and are too shy to ask someone to take luggage away-you stand. Trains make many stops and at all stops people get off and on.