Seat Reservation Refund due to cancelled train

  • 4 August 2023
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I am doing an interrail with my cousins, and had a problem with the train due to the weather. We had reserved tickets (via seat reservation policy) from Ljubljana to Zurich for August 4, more specifically from Villach to Salzburg and then from Salzburg to Zurich. We had done the seat reservations on August 3

As we were leaving Ljubljana headed to Zurich the 4 of August, at 7h26, we were told after waiting 40min on the train that the latter couldn’t proceed with the journey because of the rain (it had some implications with the railway). 

Afterwards, we had to wait more than an hour to get a substitution train from Ljubljana to Villach. The problem is that we were late for the next two trains we had to catch, of course. Hence we were not able to reserve seats for those two trains, as they were already booked. 


Thus, we could not enjoy the seats we had reserved, and paid for nothing, due to the delay caused regarding the first train from Ljubljana. 
Therefore, I would like to know if we can get a refund for those seats we had reserved but never got the chance to use.


Thank you so much in advance!


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You can get a refund from the place where you booked.

If you booked through Interrail, request your refund via customer service: