When will I be able to book seat reservations in France for after December 11th?

  • 10 October 2021
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Since October 6th, it is possible to book trains in France for the Christmas period (source: Yet, it seems that I can’t book seat reservations for after December 11th on the Interrail site.

Anybody knows when reservations will be open? Thank you!


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Usually the 60days in advance is they key rule for France.
after the 11th December is the anual Europen Timetable change and i don´t know if Eurail have to update their Reservation system by their own or if it´s automatic :) For example German Rail starts to sell Reservation on the 13th October for on the 12th December and afterwards :)

You may check on B-Europe if you can reserve the trains already (Please note they charge a service fee of 4€ instead of Interrails own 2€ and you need a PassCoverNumber)

Thank you! Very detailed answer!

I will wait for a few days (a week maybe) and see if they appear. Otherwise, as you suggested, the trains are already available on B Europe.

When I tried to book on B Europe, it asked for my pass number and I used the one with 6 capital letters, but it said it was not a valid pass number. Any thoughts?

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@tmdess  you use a MobilePass :) that havent a valid passcovernumber :/ Passcover Numbers have a Ixxxxxx or Exxxxxx as pass covernumbers :)
with the change to the mobile version Eurail wanted to stop the PassCoverNumberSystem (and use your mobilepass code)  :/ but on few Carrier like b-europe or SJ you still need them to reserve trains. as workaround you can ask the Customer Support to get a PassCovernumber for you as workaround