How do we PCR test as we travel through Europe?

  • 22 November 2021
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Hi everyone,


My friend and I were thinking of using our pass in the new year and was wondering how we can send our PCRs in advance to countries to prove that we are negative? Or were wondering how it would be possible at all to travel at this time considering the need for PCR testing in almost every country?






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3 replies

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Requirements vary per country. A good starting point is

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I guess you won´t need for each country a PCR test (but who knows)

There are in every Country testcenters that offer the fast Antigentest or the PCR Test i´ve got all my results of the PCR Tests always per E-Mail :) and never had to show them in advance to travel to a Country :)

Had few controls within the Countries and they just checked the e-mail and if possible the QR Code and that was it.

Often there are Testcenters near or even in the big train stations :)

Thank you for this. This information is very helpful!