Roobed on a night train From Dresden to bratislava

  • 21 March 2024
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I was travelling last night in EN 40457 from Dresden to bratislava. I was robbed in the train. My bag was pulled off broke the bag zip took off my phone and cash and went off. How is this possible? Like is this so easy in the trains? You don't have any such security maintained? Moreover there was no one in the coach to help me no police no focal person of the coach. Please help me what should I do? 


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5 replies

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You should make a report to the police in Bratislava. Mainly for your insurance so that you have a police report as proof of the theft.

 Did anything more than your phone and cash get stolen? If so, also report the theft to the train company in case that they find your property on the train. 

I live in trencin. I have reported to railway police in trencin. I don't have travel insurance. How to approach obb train company? I am looking since yesterday I can't find any contact. Can you please help me?


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You can report lost property here:

You should have been in the hungarian part of the train (the austrian (ÖBB) part is not heading to Bratislava), so you should also contact hungarian railways:

Customer Service | MÁV-csoport (

I have reported in hugragrian serive center and obb lost and found most importantlyin the police. But still no positive response from any of them.

Can anyone help how much chances are there from the past experience that we can recover these type of things?