Missed Eurostar Paris to London due to SNCF cancellation

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Thank you for your support, I will do. I'm still processing the shockingly rude, slippery tactics by SNCF who showed zero concern for the wellbeing of a stranded customer, sending me back and forth across Paris between Gare du Nord and Montparnasse and back again on the promise of a hotel for the night that they had no intention of providing, instead shouting at me and telling me to leave. How do these people keep their jobs??? That, combined with the punitive refusal of Eurostar's baby-faced, imbecilic managers at gare du Nord to allow me to board a train, due to a pet worming cert that's 1 hour out of date....what a circus 🎪🤡...and an expensive one!! 💰💰💰

All the legislation references are great, and will come in useful...thanks again all, so glad to me home!! 🏠 ❤️🐾