3 Outbond Days

Hallo zusammen

Ich habe einen Global Pass für 4 Tage gekauft.

Jetzt habe ich eine Inbound- und Outboundfahrt benutzt.

Mir zeigt es aber 3 Tage an die ich in meinem Land reisen kann, ist das ein Fehler?

Danke für die Antworten.

Gruss Lukas


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You only have 2 days that you can use the pass in tour declared country of residence. Please post a screenshot (without personal info).

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It can be a bug, because it is possible to have more than 2 days I/O. In some cases the customer service adds it for customers with long distances to the border or missed connections.


Kann ich den 3. Tag benutzen oder besser nicht? Danke für eure Antworten.

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I am afraid I am not sure. What are the journeys you have planned for those 3 days? Did you contact Customer service or is your journey a long one that crosses over 2 days?

As Angelo points out customer service has a discretion to allow passengers from say the top of Sweden an extra day to reach the southern border. Otherwise you should only have 2 I/O days.

Ich hatte schon 3 Tage gebraucht.

Aber es hat sich erledigt. Vielen Dank.

Lieber Lukas, 

kann man nun alle 3 Wohnsitztage verbrauchen? Also sind es 3 oder doch nur 2 wie überall angegeben?

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The app showing more than 2 outbound/inbound days is an error known to Eurail. They are working on correcting it.

@Camilo. @Mukhammad This problem has existed for several weeks now and should be corrected ASAP. Can you please check what is going on?

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Hi everyone,

Only if the customer service added an extra inbound/outbound journey with some specific consideration, then yes it could happen. To make sure properly what's registered in the system, could you send me the order number on PM @Lukas Stoller ?