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  • 7 February 2023
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Has anyone ever used balkan flexipass? Balkan flexi pass is cheaper with global pass. Balkan flexi pass is cheap and I live in turkey. I'm thinking of using Balkan flexipass on my first trip.

Resource for first timers:


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2 replies

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One key point seems to be if you buy in country then that country is deemed Country of Residence and can only be used once to the border and once back, They seem to be about 50% of a global pass price.

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NOTE: THIS site is NOT updated since they merged it with raildude, some 4 yrs ago by now so it is NO current advice.As you are Türkiye, better ask IF it is in fact even still for sale (used to be only as paper pass) by TCDD-on a site like railturkey (much better informed as this state-monstrosity).

ALSO be aware that there are NO trains/yolcu over border between Bg-Mac, MAC-Srb, Srb-HU and to GR and that over border BG-RO it is just 1 train/day. IN RO canNOT use mainline trains on CFR, from what I remember, so this makes travel there useless.

Also I myself try to follow news about passes/special tickets as much as can-and I have not seen any new update on this pass since end of covid, so it all remains a mystery. But of course that also makes your post more worthwhile for a def. answer!