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  • 28 June 2021
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I got an Italy pass to go to Rome from Amsterdam. When planning my trip in the app, it says some of the countries we would be traveling through/via, are not included in the pass. It does not say which countries and how to fix this. Does anybody know what to do?

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Hi Martijn,

do you have only an One Country Pass for Italy? 
If yes, then the trip from your home country to Italy is not included in your pass I suppose and that’s why you get this message.

Makes sense, so this means I should switch to a Global pass? Is it even possible to switch after you’ve bought a pass?

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Well, either that or buy a one-way ticket to Brenner/Brennero at the Austrian/Italian border via (from Amsterdam)
I checked now and found some tickets for 49,9 euro for mid July… so depending on your dates, that might be a solution.

About switching I don’t know… sorry, but maybe someone from the Interrail team can answer you on that.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi, thanks for your great answers here @MartinM

@Martijn Spierenburg,  if your travel plans have changed before you started travelling, you can exchange your Pass for a different Pass. In some cases you will have to pay an exchange fee of €15 per Pass. For instructions on how to exchange your Pass, have a look here. Cheers :relaxed: