My trip isn't started yet but the app shows "3/4 travel days left". Is it normal?

  • 21 May 2022
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Hi, i have a 4-days global pass (mobile) and my trip will start in a month. I've created a trip and linked the pass into the app, with all my journeys. My 4 travel days are: 25 june, 26 june, 30 june, 2 july (they of course comprehend the outbound and inbound trips). I've never activated none of the qr codes shown in the app.


as you can see in these 2 screenshots, there might be a problem:

Yet I'm not sure, can anybody tell me if is it normal or not?



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This is normal. You activated the pass, which includes activating the first travel day, so that's why you see “3/4 left”. If you're sure you're going to use the one on 25 June, you can leave it like this, otherwise, you can cancel the first travel day, which will also cancel the pass activation.