Starting a 10% discount right after buying 3 Eurail passes

  • 23 December 2022
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I bought 3 Eurail passes for my family on the 21st of December and just started the Winter Vacation Discount before a day passes😭. How could this happen!! But we don’t think that we bought those with Plus options and we did not activated our passes, yet. Is there any chance that we can get the Winter Discount??? It’s been a long time since we had gone on a trip abroad due to the coronavirus. Almost 4 years… Please, We really want to get this discount if it’s possible.


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1.arirang sa maseu. As is usual with promotions, these are not pre-announced: well they were by insiders on this forum.

2,you have to do the math yourself-and Koreans/Japanese/Chinese are quite good at that: you can cancel the full-price passes-which will incur a fee-check your mail how much-and buy new ones. Also note that it will take some time before the money from cancel comes back-you need some buffers. The discount passes also have more restrictions-also check that if it will fit your plans.

 All in all the money back, if at all will be very small, depends on what type of pass, plus above.

But perhaps the KOWon gets more value, as did the JPY some time ago, and then you suddenly have more € for your same nr of million won. But no garantee for that……….

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you can cancel the full-price passes-which will incur a fee-check your mail how much-and buy new ones.

@mcadv Please give the correct information!


@Seohwan Kim  You should not cancel the passes, but make an exchange of passes. The fee for cancellation  (refund) is 15 % and the fee for a pass exchange  is 15 EUR per pass.


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Simple maths - you buy a new set of passes at 10% saving. (say 900 euro) you then request an exchange of your existing passes (cost 1000 euro). You get a refund of 940 euro. Net saving 40 euro for laying out an extra 900 euro with possible bank charges.

The numbers are even worse for those with PLUS - the exchange is free but the first PLUS fee of 25 euro is lost and needs to be added to new passes at purchase, meaning a total cost of 50 euro per pass, meaning you only save if the original passes were over 500 euro.