Accidentally seat reservation wrong date Thalys

  • 27 December 2022
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I accidentally booked seat reservation for 27th instead of 28th December trains Paris-Bruxelles with Thalys trains. The train number is the same, departure time is same. My Ticket requires a seat reservation, but it’s not available to reserve anymore for any trains for tomorrow the 28th. Can I still travel ? What will happen, can i prove i bought it, but made a mistake? I know there are still places left since on Thalys it still possible to book, but it cost 150euros for a ride of 1h45.



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3 replies

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If there are no more pass holder seats on the train you want, then you can't change your reservation to that train. Thalys has a limited number of pass holder seats and they sell out before the train is full.

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You can't use a reservation for today for travelling tomorrow. You either need to make a new reservation for a Thalys train tomorrow  or travel with reservation free trains, see picture below. 


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Hi @Nghiem Tuong VI 

At Eurail, we can change the time and date of departure for your Thalys reservation only once for free before departure. However, we are restricted by the availability of the seats available for passholders. The best thing is to contact customer service and request a change. 

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