Another confused traveler - I don't understand the unavailability of reservations

  • 28 April 2023
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Hey and I apologize in advance if these questions about reservations are getting annoying but I find it highly confusing and also rather inconvenient. Quick background, I’m using my Interrail ticket for work purposes so I’m unfortunately not as flexible and have to be at certain places at certain times. I’m struggling with the following connections:


  1. Ljubljana (Slovenia) to Poland using the EC212 to Vienna and EC100 from Vienna are indicated as ‘prices unavailable’ in the reservation tool (my travel is less than 2 months away and I checked both the Polish and Austrian train operators’ websites, not bookable either)
  2. Similar from Poland to Berlin with an IC direct connection ‘Seat reservations unavailable, It seems no price offer is available right now’ - also when I look now at reservations within the next 30 days it's the same issue. How can I make a reservation for these trains? Perhaps at a train station in Austria beforehand?
  3. Barcelona to Sevilla, Madrid to Sevilla: am I correct that travel within Spain can only be booked in person at a train station? Can that be done on the day before AND also several weeks in advance?

Any recommendations are highly appreciated! Thanks!


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Reservations to/from Poland normally open 60 days in advance but for the summer timetable (starting 11 June) they're not open yet. It won't take long anymore, so just keep trying.

Reservations Poland-Germany are best done at a station. Doesn't need to be in Poland or Germany; I expect that will work in many countries in central Europe. It sometimes works via the interrail website, but then they can only be sent via the post, with extra costs and an uncertain delivery time, so that's best avoided. Alternatively, book to the last station in Poland online via PKP Intercity (from 30 days in advance).

Spanish reservations are available via a limited number of ways only because Renfe doesn't want them to be sold online anymore. See this post for a list of known possibilities:

At a Spanish station, you can book any Spanish train for any bookable date, including for a train on the day.