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Hi all, anyone recently been travelling from Kiato to Pireaus? Can I just hop on board the train with my interrail ticket, without an ekstra ticket for the train? I am arriving shortly before the train departs, so would be nice to know I dont have to look for tickets first.

Best regards Karina 


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depending on the traincategory  the train have you may need a reservation ;)

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Hi, with a 6-trip Greek Islands Pass, you can travel for free between the international port of Patras to the domestic port of Piraeus using bus and train services of the Greek railways TRAINOSE (upon presentation of your Pass). Starting in Patras, take the bus to Kiato, and from there take the train towards Piraeus. This trip can be made at any time and as often as you want. It is not necessary to fill in a separate trip on your Travel Calendar. Cheers, 

If I travel from Piraeus to Patras, is it also workable withe the 6 day pass?  Thank you