No way to reserve my train

  • 5 July 2022
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Hi I’ve purchased 2 interail tickets and have planned all of our route on the rail planner app, however when i went to book the tickets I couldn't log into my account on the website, i then changed my password however when i logged in with this is then didn't have my pass on the account or my route.

so my problem is how can i book my trains now, without the interail booking service my only other option is b europe however they only allow paper passes as you need the pass number (which i don”t have due to me having mobile passes)

for reference the train im trying to book is TGV 7052

any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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3 replies

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Get a cover number instantly here:

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You can call  b-europe and make the reservation. No need of Pass Cover Number.

The phone call is rather expensive.


Another way to make reservations for French trains is to call SNCF. No need of Pass Cover Number.

 Press #85 for English, no booking fees, reservations are sent via e-mail. Not all credit cards are accepted.


For domestic French reservations, you can also call NS. Also no booking fees and they do accept VISA. Remember the country code (+31)


Thankyou very much this worked perfectly, exactly what i was looking for