timetable dissappeared after buying a seat reservation

  • 2 July 2023
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Hi, my parents and I plan on travelling from Den Haag Centraal (Netherlands) to Milano Centrale (Italy). Basically, we were planning our travels  on 18/06/2023 for the travel date 03/01/2023 and we found a timetable, for which we bought a seat reservation for. But now it’s dissapeared, but I can still find the timetable on other train apps, so we know it’s still going, but that the railplanner app doesnt show it. But I’m under the impression that in order to use our mobile passes we need to generate passes for the specific trains, which you do through the railplanner app, and we can no longer do that since the route does not show up anymore. Does anyone have a solution for this? The alternative that the railplanner app is showing is a worse option, that requires more seat reservation, and on different trains than the train that we already reserved our seat on. I’ve attached the image of the original route we planned on taking.  Any info would be very much appreciated!



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I can find all trains on Rail Planner. Which one is missing ?

The connection in Lugano is not shown directly on the app because it selects a minimum time of 5 min. You can change that. It's always better to split a long journey like this on the app frankly.

If the German trains were to get delayed (very possible), don't worry there are multiple later trains.

You can also book the ICE between Utrecht and Frankfurt Airport through ÖBB for 3€.

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When is your exact travel day, cause 03/01/2023 is already in the past?

Best use or the DB navigator to plan your trips in Europe, and/or the websites/app of the train companies you'll be using (NS/DB/SBB/Trenitalia). Always trust the information issued by the train companies, not by Eurail as it doesn't update very frequent. 

If your route is still possible in the app of the train companies, you're good. 

If you want to add that journey in your rail planner app, just add train per train in the app. 


Thank you everyone for the help. Everything went smoothly, aside from DB being a few hours late but that much was a given. I was able to find the individual trains that I needed, the confusion was mainly as to why the whole route wasn’t showing up in their planner, but that’s not really important. I was also able to manually add some trains to my pass which helped when DB replaced a train that I was supposed to take with a different train.