Why does my global interrail pass say 1/3 inbound/outbound used

  • 19 July 2023
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So I got a 4 day global interrail pass in order to go from the Netherlands to Italy and also to Scotland in two separate trips. I read online that if you want to use the pass for separate trips where you return to your starting country in between that you need to buy a ticket to get in and out of the starting country for your way back and way out in between trips. Which is what I did, and am now currently back in the country where I started and will be going to scotland soon. But my confusion is that on the My Pass page of the interrail app, it says I’ve used 1/3 Outbound/inbound, but shouldnt that be ½? Does this mean that I can use the interrail pass to get out and back in on my second journey as opposed to getting a local fare to leave NL and picking up my journey with the interrail pass from there? Has anyone else has similar experiences or noticed the same thing with their pass? Thanks in advance


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Usually you can use your pass on two days in your homecountry. However Interrail is doing a trial where they allow people to use the pass on 3 days in their own country.

You've been selected so yes you could travel to Scotland using the pass (but you need to book the Eurostar and see if there's availability first).

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There's a pilot going on with extra home inbound/outbound journeys:

Passes for the Netherlands often seem to be affected, no idea why. In any case, you still have 2 inbound/outbound journeys left.