Where or how can I get my pass cover number-mobile pass?

  • 7 November 2021
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It being impossible for me to book seat reservations for Thalys trains .Can you please send me that number ASAP, for my online/mobile pass?

Thank you very much in advance!


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4 replies

I am looking for the same thing, I saw a reply from @Nanja  and @Leo I believe they are able to give it to us - but only Monday-Friday during business hours. Here is hoping they see this thread and help us out :) 

I'm in the same situation here, not able to book any of the trains that I want on the website but they are all available through the SNCF website.

Could I please get my pass cover number @Nanja ?

Thank you,


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Customer service can get you a pass cover number that can be used for the Belgian railways booking website (extra fee: 4 EUR per order)

In addition, you can book without a pass cover number via ACP Rail (extra fee for Thalys: EUR 3.40 per seat).

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Hi @Camilo Silva, @jenn.hart and @James Denby Wilkes, can you please provide me with your order number via a private message? Thanks,