Where or how can I get my pass cover number-mobile pass?

  • 7 November 2021
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Same here, I have a mobile pass, please provide me with a pass cover number.


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I'd like to make reservations for my trip in France, but I need a pass cover number and I've a mobile pass. Could you provide me with such a number? Looking forward hearing from you.



There is no-one here that can give you the number. You need to contact Customer Support which you can do through this form.

@Magdalena please could you help me with pass cover numbers,I am trying to book seats with travel b that is selling out thank you.

Hi @Magdalena, please could you help me, I also have the same issue to book my seats… 

I just sent you a private message concerning the detail of my issue ! 


Many thanks !

@Magdalena i also sent you a private message for help with a pass cover number. Could you help? Thank you!!!

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@Magdalena i also sent you a private message for help with a pass cover number. Could you help? Thank you!!!

@Leah Baillargeon 

There is a long weekend so Magdalena might not be working.



Have you contacted Customer Support through this form and asked for the Pass Cover Number?

Customer Support is currently overloaded with requests so you will probably have to be patient to get help. Please let Customer Support know what date your travel will start so that they can prioritise your request correctly.

For most routes there are different possibilities to make reservations and some don't require the Pass Cover Number.

If you give your travel details: date, departure time and route, in a new post you can get advice on alternative ways to make your reservation. 

I have exactly the same problem, and I’m trying to book train tickets for tomorrow so I really need to get this sorted ASAP. The Interail website has a bug and won’t let me book the eurostar, but the B-Europe website still has tickets available for the 5.59-9.20am London to Paris eurostar train

I really regret ever getting an interail ticket and ideally would like to ditch the whole thing and get a refund instead!

I have the same problem. I need a pass cover number and I have a mobile pass. Could you help please.

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If you make a new own post and tell what trains you want to reserve, you will get advice on where you can make reservations without a Pass Cover Number.